Perfect Fit Blinds

  • The blinds are fitted directly onto the window without the need to drill or screw into the window frame.

  • The blind moves with the window or door when opened or closed.

  • There are no gaps down the sides of the blind which gives a greater level of privacy but also retains heat in colder months.

Technical Information

Fabrics & Finishes

  • Perfect Fit venetian blinds are available in an aluminium or wooden finish.

  • Perfect Fit pleated and roller blinds are available in a variety of colour options and finishes. Please ask a representative for more details.

  • The new made-to-measure Perfect Fit vision blind is now available in a number of colours and fabrics.
  • All Perfect Fit blinds come with options of various frame colours; white, brown, silver, anthracite, golden oak and mahogany to best match your window frame.


  • Perfect Fit venetian blinds are operated using a tension/tilt operating wand.

  • Perfect Fit pleated and roller blinds require no cords or controls and are operated manually.

  • Perfect Fit vision blinds come with a continuous loop chain, with a retaining clip that holds the loop to the frame, keeping it child safe.
  • Motorised Perfect Fit blinds are also available. Please contact one of our representatives for further information.


  • Made-to-measure, up to 1.8m wide x 2.45m drop.